Gloebit is a centralized, hypergrid-enabled currency. You can sign up for an account and start using Gloebits on enabled Simulators here.


To enable Gloebit on your region you will need a to enable it. By default the binaries we distribute come with Gloebit disabled. Before you can enable Gloebit you will need to apply for an application key. First you need to request permission to create applications within Gloebit. Navigate to your Account Settings and click on Creating Apps under the Account Capabilities. Once you are approved to create new applications you can navigate to the Merchant Tools where you can create a new Application. You will be supplied with a Key and Secret to enter into your Gloebit Configuration file.

If you require assistance or have questions you can visit the Gloebit FAQ for more info.


When you enter a Gloebit-enabled region you will be prompted to link your account to the regions specific Gloebit Key. Once you have completed authorization you can use your Gloebit account to make purchases.

Most regions on ZetaWorlds use the same Gloebit Key, hence you will only have to authorize on regions not run by ZetaWorlds or ZetaWorlds customers.